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With the end of summer approaching, now’s your chance to marvel at the beauty of Rottnest underwater. Don’t let the cooler weather deter you from getting in the ocean – the water remains perfect for swimming in even towards the winter months, thanks to the Leeuwin Current. Rottnest Island has generally warmer water temperatures ranging from 23°C to 19°C between summer and winter. Not a fan of the cold in general? We suggest packing a wetsuit or rashie, which also keeps you sun safe!

From pristine beaches to simply dip your feet in, to beautiful lagoons surrounded by reef, immerse yourself in local marine life with your next visit to the island. Whether you’re a novice snorkeler or avid adventurer with plenty of experience diving deep below, our recommendations are great for all ages and levels, so grab your gear and check out our top picks for snorkelling at these Rotto beaches!

  1. Little Salmon Bay

    Little Salmon Bay

Get acquainted with a variety of friendly fish at this sheltered lagoon. A relatively easy cycle or bus ride from The Settlement, this little beach has beautiful white sand and crystal clear water revealing a plethora of coral and rock shelves. The bay is protected and also has shallow waters which is perfect for younger ones to make a splash.


  1. Parakeet Bay

    Parakeet Bay

Another beach popular for its stunning white sand and gorgeous waters, this slightly secluded location is wonderful to have a relaxing dip in and to test your adventurous side by snorkelling out to the rocks. You won’t be disappointed by the many aquatic inhabitants of this beach and if you’re lucky, you may spot a stingray!


  1. Parker Point

Parker Point

Located on the south-east of Rottnest Island, this popular beach can get busy with swimmers and boaters alike and is best to visit midweek. Don’t let the crowds scare you away though – Parker Point is a must-see for all snorkelers! Local authority has created a trail of 12 plaques along the reef which can be identified by buoys, which then leads to a spectacular drop-off recommended for more experienced divers. You can expect a stunning array of coral, large fish and crays.


  1. Henrietta Rocks

Henrietta Rocks

Be mesmerised by this spot with magical turquoise waters and stunning views from all directions. With a number of rock formations and sand dunes to explore, the shipwreck of The Shark is a highlight that can be seen from the beach and is even better underwater. Dive into this aquatic playground and check out a piece of West Australian history located just 50m from the shoreline.


  1. Little Armstrong Bay

Little Armstrong Bay

Like the name suggests, this cove is little but delivers picturesque views and is perfect for families with children.

A pleasant and less crowded beach, Little Armstrong Bay is great to have a relaxing swim in and ideal for beginner snorkelers, with shallow waters containing a number of small fish and reef to see. This bay is definitely recommended as a final spot to wind down at!


Rottnest Island is rich with beautiful beaches and locations to go for a swim or snorkel. Download our free Rottnest Island map to help you get around on your visit!

With these tips and recommendations, plan your next day trip or visit to Rotto for an experience that is guaranteed to be memorable! Learn more about the island and get inspired by checking out these things to do. Excited yet? Don’t wait and get ahead of school holiday goers by booking your trip today with Rottnest Fast Ferries!

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